Information technology laws consist of the branches related to informations technology law, electronic merce, electronic financial services, Fintech, blockchain, virual banking, electronic funds, intellectual property right, domain names, contractual and extra- contractual responsibilities, data protection, privacy, protection, and the administation of websites and telecommunications related to the internet. The services offered by Barzallo Abogados strengthen your company through: Eletronic Commerce, Electronic taxation, Electronic and legal securities (informational surveys and audits), Computer contracts ( development, rental, maintenace, licenses), Hiring through electronic means;- Personal data protection, Information piracy.


Barzallo Abogados Law Firm offers profecissional services in Antitrust Defense and Unfair Competition. Through these services, we provide our clients with the legal security necessary to widen their coverage of goods and services in the Ecuatorian Market. 

This services is directed toward the defense of the interests of our clients, ensuring that anticompetitive or disloyal conduct does not affect their normal and efficient development in the market 


The procedural law area of Barzallo Abogados is responsible for the legal defense of the civil, labor, intellectual propert y, market, tax and criminal cases of its clients.

The Firm includes Lawyers experienced in the fields that are difficult for businessmen and individuals.


The emergence of the telecommunications market offers great investment opportunities in a sector that requires specialized technical and legal actors. This market is attractive for the investors that are looking to establish their businesses in emerging countries, such as Ecuador. Barzallo Abogados Law Firm understand the importance of telecomunications and the adquate application of policies, standars, tariffs, resurces and the constant changes in the regulations dictated by the Highest National Telecommunications Agencies. Daily updating in orden to absolve the queries of our clients allows us to progress at the speed that telecomunications demand.


We understand the importance of investments of national and foreign businessmen in Ecuador. Barzallo Abogados has integral corporate advisory services that aid in complying with legal obligations that demand our presence and personal attention.

Barzallo Abogados offers integral advisory services for labor, Insurance, immigration, migration, international business and tax law issues. We attend to the needs of our clients in issues, such as: commerce, negotiations, legal analysis of contracts, fulfillment of public and private requirements and legal and business services.


The protection of industrial property rights has transcendental importance for those who are part of Barzallo Abogados, which is why its lawyers continuously update their knowledge bases.

The protection of industrial property rights has transcendental importance for those who are part of Barzallo Abogados, which is why its lawyers continuously update their knowledge bases. Barzallo Abogados is responsible for aiding you in different situations, from a more efficient search to daily monitoring, using cutting-edge technology based on updated information that allows us to offer efficient and safe services. The Lawyers of Barzallo Abogados have the latest-generation technological tools at their disposal, which allow them to protect you in legal processes as required. Additionally, the various international contacts acquired during their work experience allow them to represent and protect their clients on a nationally and international level.


Individuals and businesses constantly maintain relationships with the State in order to obtain permits, concessions or licenses that allow them to act within the framework of rendering public services, which fundamentally requires legal advisory services in order to correctly proceed with these processes.

Barzallo Abogados are in charge of specialized defense for all cases that must go before administrative and legal courts for individual rights lawsuits that could be subject to infractions by unilateral decisions made by the State..


The real estate growth and the deposited by our clients demand the necessary knowledge about the real estate processes and the norms that currently apply in Ecuador. It is fundamental for those who make up Barzallo Abogados Law Firm to offter fast and efficient services.


The team of Barzallo Abogados provides legal advice to our clients in all phases of the oil industry, from negotiation, exploration, execution and termination of contracts. We rely on technical knowledge and have an effective interaction with the control and regulation authorities, understanding the strategic and technical aspects of the industry's activities.


Our firm offers legal services in the mining industry to national and international clients. Barzallo Abogados has a team capable of providing our clients with timely advice in mining and environ- mental matters, both in matters related to licensing and authorizations, as well as in the attention of judicial and administrative actions, and in general in the treatment of conflicts. of environmental nature.


We are support in the business of generation and transmission of energy, both to our public and private law clients. Barzallo Abogados has a practice focused on advising important local and international clients during all stages of the development and execution of the projects, from the bidding process, licenses (grant), permits to financing, development, construction and operation.


We know the importance of the insurance practice. It is for this reason that Barzallo Abogados has a team with deep knowledge in the insurance business with special emphasis on the operation and recovery of claims of bonds and bails, maritime, air and transport.


Our lawyers specializing in personal data protection work to advise on issues that both law and technology play a key role. We understand that information is one of its main assets, which generates knowledge and allows the development of important new products and services, so it must be managed according to local and international laws.

Nuestro conocimiento normativo nacional e internacional le permitirá diseñar estrategias productivas con las que podrá gestionar los datos personales, evitando sanciones e incrementando la confianza en sus productos y servicios.  Lo asesoramos en la preparación de los mecanismos de información y cumplimiento normativo que permita un adecuado control de gestión de riesgos, aportando al desarrollo de un entorno de confianza.