Barzallo & Barzallo Abogados is a law firm that specializes in traditional law, intellectual property, electronic commerce and information technology and telecommunications law.
Our fundamental objective is to offer services focused on total quality. The standards of Barzallo & Barzallo Abogados are based around the constant training of its team members and efficiency in service, which are both basic characteristics of Legal practice.
The permanent use of technology in professional work, along with direct contact between our lawyers and our clients develop an ideal combination that allows for understanding the legal affairs more closely and allows for a timely response.
This dynamic and personalized service surpasses traditional consulting services and unites the emerging needs of a digital society.
Electronic Commerce and the Internet have been constituted as a vital focal point for the economy in all countries, which in turn requires specialized legal consulting.
The experience of the team of lawyers at Barzallo & Barzallo Abogados in the information technology field, dealing with international and national information, telecommunications, commerce and consumers has pushed them to the forefront of integral advisory services in our digital society.




Este funcionamiento dinámico y personalizado supera a la asesoría tradicional y la une de manera perfecta a las nuevas necesidades de la sociedad global.
La filosofía de trabajo y responsabilidad social de Barzallo & Barzallo Abogados también incluye las prácticas de servicio comunitario a las personas que por su situación necesitan apoyo y asistencia profesional.